torstai 10. elokuuta 2017

TNBC - An Animated Flip Book

The Nightmare Before Christmas - An Animated Flip Book, published by The Walt Disney Company in 1993. This is the first edition. Flipping the pages one way shows Jack cutting out a paper snowflake and flipping the other way you can see Santa Jack giving the child a present. I bought this one also via FB from another collector and paid about 7€ for this including shipping. The book is in good condition eventhough it is almost 25 years old.

Corpse Bride - An Animated Flip Book

Corpse Bride - An Animated Flip Book, make in 2005 by Warner Bros. I bought this one from another Tim Burton collector via a Facebook group. I paid about 7€ for this including shipping.
           If you flip the pages quickly you can see the Corpse Bride walking up a hill in the forest, turn the booklet around and it has info and still photos of the movie and the characters. Size of the book is quite small, 13,5cm x 8cm x 0,6cm, there are still about 50 pages.

torstai 3. elokuuta 2017

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - The Great Glass Elevator Game

Today I got this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - The Great Glass Elevator Game. I bought this from eBay as used, but it is complete with all the parts and it great condition. The boardgame includes a gameboard, 12 door tiles and 54 cards (44 butten cards and 10 Oompa Loompa cards). I paid 30 euros for this one (I also got some other boardgames in the package, so the price was for all of them with shipping). The game was made by Funrise Toys.

tiistai 1. elokuuta 2017

Ed Wood Laserdisc

Today I received Ed Wood laserdisc which I bought from eBay.  I paid about 10 euros for it eventhough I have nothing to play it with, but it's not like I'm collecting these things to use or play with.

torstai 27. heinäkuuta 2017

TNBC Operation

The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation -boardgame. This is made by USAopoly in 2011. The game has "an operating table" with Oogie Boogie on it and holes around for picking plastic items out with tweezers without touching the metal sides. Oogie speaks if you fail, the lines are:

"Come on Bone Daddy!"
"I might just die laughing, buahhahaahaa"
"Now look what you have done, my bugs, my bugs, my bugs!"
"Oh I'm really scared!"
"Well, well, well what have we here"

with green lights flashing in his mouth and eyes as he talks. The game also includes play money, doctor and specialist cards 24 altogether and 12 plastic funatomy parts.

I got this as a xmas present in 2011 and I did play it once, but the game offers no challenge to adults as it is really easy to get the items out.

keskiviikko 26. heinäkuuta 2017

TNBC Chill Mug

The Nightmare Before Christmas purple chill mug filled with glitter and water. The mug is plastic and the point is that you can but the mug in the freezer and then it keeps your drink cold for longer. I got this as a x-mas present in 2009 or so.

torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017

Jack Skellington Bobblehead

Jack Skellington bobblehead by NECA. A friend of mine found this for me as a present from flea market.